Inter­ested in spon­sor­ing A Pil­grim­age Across Europe? In addi­tion to allowing Bob to raise aware­ness about dia­betes, your spon­sor­ship comes with a host of ben­e­fits. For more infor­ma­tion, con­tact Bob here.

The fol­low­ing spon­sors have made A Pil­grim­age Across Europe possible:

Kutztown Area Middle School

Individual Donors

To donate to A Pil­grim­age Across Europe and see your name listed here, visit Bob's GoFundMe page. Every dol­lar counts!

The fol­low­ing indi­vid­ual donors have made A Pil­grim­age Across Europe possible:

  • Dan Bortz
  • Ellen Bren­nan
  • Josh and Elly Chambers
  • Jeanne and Henry Daecher
  • Ann Diet­rich
  • Beth Gallo
  • Allen Hoppes
  • Deb­bie, Jeff and Andrew Krauss
  • Beryl Kunit­sky
  • Betty Lid­di­coat
  • Faye Marko
  • Leatrice and Glen Moatz
  • Michelle Moll
  • Gretchen Per­illi
  • Mar­ian Pounder
  • Karen Rauch
  • Jim and Chris Reitnour
  • Ally Scheidt
  • Anna (Nana) Scheidt
  • Craig Scheidt
  • Rox­anne Scheidt
  • Mar­lene Snyder
  • Tina Wan­ner, Mike and the "Tahoe Crew"
  • Anna Mae Weiss
  • Tim Weiss
  • Brian and Adri­enne Wright
  • Anony­mous